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Your Visit

Estimate before you travel

We can give you a rough estimate by email before you travel to Hungary if you are able to supply sufficient information. You can sent us copies of panoramic x-rays by email or if you have had a CT scan you can send it by surface mail – we will gladly return it to you once we have viewed it.

If you do not have x-rays and you are in the UK we can arrange with a partner organisation to make a CT scan for you. They send us the files and this is enough to give an accurate estimate.

Alternatively if you would like to visit us in Hungary Professor Szabo will examine you free of charge (other than 30 GB Pounds for x rays – which we will deduct from your eventual bill if you decide to proceed with the treatment). He will then discuss the treatment options with you in detail and you can make an informed decision about what you want to do.

No one will pressure you to have treatment here if you don’t want to. If, however, you were to allow about a week for your visit, we could probably make a good start on the actual treatment if you do decide you want to have it done here.

Coming to Hungary

You can fly to Budapest, Graz, Vienna or Zagreb. We will arrange for a driver to meet you at the airport and dive you to your accommodation. He will also take you back in time for your flight home. These transfers will be free of charge.

Staying near our clinic

Our patients are usually happy to stay at a local Hotel: The Prestige. I have a discount arrangement with them for our patients:  They are very used to caring for our English speaking patients and will provide free transport.
We are happy to make a reservation with on your behalf.

Your Stay in Hévíz

At your first meeting with the Professor he will usually schedule your appointments throughout the remainder of your stay. You will find that treatment sessions can be quite longer than you may be used to back home, but there will of course be leisure time during which you can relax.

Hévíz is a relaxing spa town with a thermal lake. There is much concentration on wellness and there are many establishments offering therapeutic massage and you can experience the restorative properties of the lake all year round.

Additionally there are a number of the larger hotels that have beauty spa facilities you can use on a day basis.

There are many restaurants and eating out is very cheap.
If you feel more adventurous you can organise day trips to Budapest or Vienna.

Prof Dr Janos Szabo, 8380 Hévíz, Egregyi u. 13.

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