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Holiday Spa Resort in The Balaton Region of Hungary

Our surgery was completed in 2009 and was built and fitted-out to Professor Szabo’s specifications and under his personal supervision. Professor Szabo has taken great care to ensure that the equipment available is the most advanced and reliable available.

We are able to arrange our appointments so that there is plenty of time to provide the care and treatment you need without feeling rushed. There is always enough time for anaesthetics to fully take effect before work begins. Professor Szabo and his colleagues speak excellent English and everyone is focused on providing all patients the time and personal attention they need.

The work carried out here is meticulous and precise and Professor Szabo makes full use of X Ray information to check progress as it is made as well as in diagnosis.

Everything is done in an atmosphere of calm concentration and you will soon learn to relax, confident that you are in safe hands.

Our Own On Site Lab Reduces Overall Treatment Times

It is the dental lab that makes every crown, bridge, veneer and denture we fit. These are all hand made to the exact and individual dimensions of each patient. The on site lab means that as soon as we have taken a set of impressions they can be handed immediately to the lab technician. Unlike most dental practices we do not have to rely on the post or even couriers.

Our Own Lab Technicians Ensure a Better Final Result

In this way we are able to reduce delays, but better still we are able to involve the dental technician when the crowns or bridges are being specified. You might be surprised at the considerable range of options there are when making a new tooth. Even though we think of our teeth as being white there is a virtual spectrum of shades from which to choose. The same is true for the shape and size of your teeth. All these factors need to be thought about when deciding what your new teeth will look like.

Prof Dr Janos Szabo, 8380 Hévíz, Egregyi u. 13.

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