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Dental Treatment Prices

Prices for Implants, Veneers, Crowns, Oral Surgery & Restorative Dental Work

Implant BrandsGuaranteeGB Pounds
Implants Direct5 years390
SIC Implants5 years390
Replace Implant5 years590
Branemark5 years590
Abutments for Implants  
Implants Direct5 yearsFree
Additional Abutment (immediate Loading)5 years130
Semados Abutments5 yearsFree
Replace Abutments5 yearsFree
Branemark Abutments5 years 
Navigated Implants  
Template for navigated implantation/jaw from1 to 10 implants From 220
All on 4 implantation per jaw (Nobel, Alpha Bio) 2220
All on four screw retained bridge per jaw  6000
Bone Grafting  
Sinus Lift (per site) 520
Augmentation / GTR (per site) 370
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Cosmetic Dentistry  
Zirconium (metal free) crowns5 years240
Zirconium (metal free) Bridgework (per tooth)5 years240
Metal / Ceramic Crowns5 years160
Porcelain Veneers5 years230
Dental Veneers (pressed ceramic)5 years240
Prettau zirconium anterior veneer or crown5 years260
White Fillings2 years40 / 60 / 70
Ceramic Inlays / Onlays5 years210
BriteSmileTooth Whitening inc UltraSonic Cleaning 390
Gum Plasty 130
Gum Grafting 400
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Periodontal Surgery  
Scale & Polish 30
Closed Curettage (per tooth) 70
Open Curettage (per tooth) 150
Bone Substitution (per tooth) 420
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Routine Dentistry  
Annual Control Examination 150
Root Canal Treatment – per canal
N.B. Many teeth have multiple roots
Post and Core build-up 120
Resection (front) 130
Resection (rear) 180
Extraction 30
Surgical Extraction 90
Removal of impacted wisdom tooth 130
Complete denture (per jaw)1 years500
Partial denture (metal framework) 3 years600
Temporary denture up to 5 teeth 240
Extra temporary teeth 50
Precision Attachment (Preci-Vertix) 220
Pimar and Secunder Telescopic Crowns 280
X-Rays & Dental Sundries  
Panoramix X-ray 30
X-ray tomosynthesis 30
Intra-oral X-ray 20
CT Scan (2 Jaws) 70
TMJ joint PA/aP open & closed 60
TMJ Lateral x-ray 30
Anaesthetics Free
Sedation Free
Sutures Free
Crown Removal 30
Veneer Removal 30
Short term temporary crown 25
Short term temporary veneer 25
Long term temporary crown – Acrylic 50
Long term temporary crown – Metal / Ceramic 60
Gold Surcharge per gramm 20

Prof Dr Janos Szabo, 8380 Hévíz, Egregyi u. 13.

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