Emax Pressed Ceramic Veneers for Superior Aesthetic results

Emax veneers mean less (or no!) drilling. They last longer and look better than normal veneers

Emax veneers are made from pressed ceramic which is very strong and can be cut into much thinner layers than with normal porcelain veneers.

Because of this Emax can be fitted without the need for much (or any) preparation. This means that little or no material is removed from the natural tooth and the Emax veneer can be cemented directly onto the hard enamel ensuring a much firmer bond than normal.

Since Emax veneers don't require the natural teeth to be ground down or reshaped to the same extent as with porcelain veneers the procedure could reversed if you change your mind for some reason. With thicker veneers this would not be possible because the natural teeth have been altered so drastically

 In some cases however the desired cosmetic effect may mean considerable reshaping is needed, but generally speaking there is less with Emax veneers than other types.

Emax Pressed ceramic veneers are far stronger than the traditional porcelain veneers and resist chipping or cracking which means they will look better for longer. We normally expect a porcelain veneer to last around 10 years. With care and regular check-ups an Emax veneer should last double that.

The thin layers of pressed ceramic mean that Emax veneers have a high translucency and are less noticeable than more traditional types of veneer.

Emax veneers are of course more expensive than our budget range, but we are still able to offer Emax at the very competitive price if just 320 Euros per veneer. If you want a polished, natural-looking smile it is worth spending the extra to get the best.

The Process of Fitting EMax Veneers

We begin by taking an impression of your teeth and the veneers are then modelled in wax. A cast is made and molten porcelain is forced into it under pressure to produce the final veneer.

We need five working days to complete this procedure since each veneer is custom made for you. However, the bulk of that time will be taken-up by the dental laboratory. You will therefore have some leisure time in which to enjoy the facilities of this famous spa town.

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