Dental Implants without surgery using advance x-ray guided technique

We offer a minimally invasive approach to fitting dental implants. We do not cut the gums and so there is no need for sutures to be inserted. The procedure is much quicker than the traditional surgery. You can usually leave the surgery after only about an hour.

Reduced Costs

Because we are able to establish in advance where the implants must be placed in the jaw we avoid the need for bone grafting or augmentation. Because these costly procedures are eliminated the overall cost of having implants can ne lowered.

Quicker Recovery

This less invasive approach results in less post-operative swelling, and so recovery time is reduced to just a few hours.

The process

We use advanced x-ray equipment to make a three dimensional image of your mouth and its underlying bone structure. From this we can plan exactly the right place for the implant to be inserted. The dental lab then makes a drilling guide so that we can be sure of exactly the right placement. There is no need for a large operating wound.

Who is suited for non-surgical implants

This approach is most suited to patients whose bone loss is significant, but who do still have areas of bone into which an implant can be placed. Clearly these are cases where it is critical the implants are placed accurately.

If the x-rays show there is insufficient bone for an implant then unfortunately the non-surgical approach will not work and a more traditional approach using grafts will be needed. 

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