Full Mouth Restoration When all teeth are missing

Alternative ways of dealing with total tooth loss:


Implant Anchored Dentures

Implant Anchored Bridgework

When you have lost, or are about to lose, all your teeth dentures have long been your fate. In the UK a set of dentures will probably cost around 200 GBP (NHS), but you will probably need a new set every 5 - 7 years. Many people find there are a number of drawbacks:

  • You may experience some initial difficulties with your speech.
  • Complaints of poor fit and discomfort are legion. This is exacerbated because the gum changes over time.
  • Many people develop sores and ulcers from time to time.
  • People often complain that one or both dentures more around while they are talking, laughing or eating. This is a source of both discomfort and irritation
  • Some foods turn out to be off limits - chewing with a denture is only about 25% as efficient compared to normal teeth.
  • The upper denture will cover the palate which can reduce taste.You will of course need to take your teeth out for cleaning

Alternative Full Mouth Restorations

There are two / three alternative options for restoring the full mouth.

Implant anchored dentures

Many of the issues highlighted above can be overcome by setting upto about four dental implants into the jaw bone and then using these to hold a denture in place on the gum.

This is an effective way of overcoming a number of the drawback of wearing dentures.

These are however quite clearly dentures and will be seen as such. They must still be taken out for cleaning and will require some element of annual maintenance

Fixed Bridgework

The most natural looking and functionally efficient approach to a full mouth restoration is to make and fit two complete bridges of 14 teeth each. These are held in place by 18 dental implants.

The dental bridges are permanently cemented to the implants and do not need to be removed for cleaning or maintenance. Unlike approaches using dentures the gums are not covered by plastic and or course the palate.

We recommend making the new teeth from Zirconium which we use to make beautiful new crowns that are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth even when inspected close-up. Zirconium is actually harder and will last a lifetime.

This approach does of course give us the opportunity to not just restore your teeth, but to give you the smile you have always wanted.

Cost of Full Mouth Reconstruction.

If you are happy with dentures the likely cost is very easy to predict. However with  Implant anchored dentures or Fixed Bridgework there are a number of variables we cannot foresee. Chief among these will be the condition of your jaw bones.

If you have lost bone as well as your teeth we may need to augment the bone and stimulate new bone. Dental Augmentation does add to your costs, but different individuals will need different levels of treatment.

Request a personal quotation

We are very pleased to provide an estimate based on your own personal dental status. To do this we will need to see a panoramic x-ray or CT scan. You can email a copy of your own panoramic x-ray to us at dentist@kraftkmark.com.

If you do not have an appropriate x-ray and if you live in the UK we can arrange for you to have a CT scan in London or in Manchester. You will find details on our scan application page.

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