Sinus Lift Procedure

Sinus Lifting surgery, Dental Augmentation, Bone & Gum Grafting for dental implants

Dental Implants - The Sinus Lift Procedure - Why is it needed?

You may need a sinus lift and sinus augmentation if you have lost bone in your upper jaw. The sinus lift procedure is carried out to raise the sinus floor above your molars and premolars. This involves lifting the sinus membrane to make room for the re-growth of new bone. The sinus lift procedure will be needed you have lost teeth and the bone that once supported them has atrophied and lost substance. If you have had a periodontal infection this will often exacerbate the bone loss.

Graft Material Used

We aim to carry out the sinus lift procedure as part of the dental implant operation so that it does not unduly prolong the course of your treatment. We are able to do this in the majority of cases we deal with.

In extreme cases where the bone loss is severe it is necessary to complete the sinus surgery between six and nine months before any further work is attempted and before the dental implants can be fitted.

In a few instances the Sinus lift will need to be carried out in a hospital and will require an additional operation to harvest bone needed for the graft from your hip or another part of your body. We do not recommend that you have this done away from home and is not a service we will provide for people travelling here from abroad.

However in the vast majority of cases we are usually able to encourage your bone to re-grow using the process of Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR). We use material from around the operation wound mixed with a synthetic compound which we paste into the space below your sinus membrane.

Is This Procedure always needed when having dental implants?

A sinus lift will only be needed if bone loss has occurred. This is by no means always the case and there is no effective rule of thumb for saying who will need one and who will not. We can advise individuals if they will need sinus surgery if we can see a panoramic x-ray or CT scan. These can be sent to us as email attachments and we will be happy to advise.

We are usually able to respond to prospective patients within about 24 hours on worki days (Mon - Fri).

Step by step guide to the procedure

This procedure is carried out using both local anaesthetic and deep sedation so that you will feel neither pain nor anxiety. We open a flap in the side of your gum between the cheek and the gum. This will expose the bone. An opening is made through the bone into the sinus cavity, but taking great care to ensure the membrane lining the sinus cavity is not punctured. The lining of the sinus cavity is then gently lifted away from the jaw and the space above the jaw packed with the graft materials. The wound is then closed.

In the space of the next six months (in extreme cases nine) new bone growth will take place providing a secure anchorage for the dental implants.

The after effects

You should expect some swelling and soreness following your sinus surgery. These will usually abate after a few days and you should only need non-prescription pain relief.

During this time you will need to avoid sneezing and blowing your nose which could dislodge the graft material.

Risk factors

As with all aspects of Dental Implantation surgery the most critical issue is the skill and experience of the surgeon who carries out the sinus operation. The most likely problem during a sinus lift is if sinus membrane is punctured or torn. If this does happen however the surgeon will be able to repair is but it would mean having wait for healing to take place before a second sinus lift could be completed.

Infection is a further common risk for any surgical procedure, but here the procedure is undertaken under conditions of scrupulous hygiene and our patients are routinely given antibiotics as a precaution against infection.

We can report that in the past six years none of our patients from overseas have experienced any such problems. We aim the maintain this 100% record. 

Cost Information

A single sinus lift usually costs 700 Euros. If you need a sinus operation on each side then naturally this will be 1400 GBP and if you need a very large amount of graft material that may necessitate an even higher charge. We will be happy to provide exact quotations if you can send a panoramic x-ray or CT Scan. For patients in the UK we can arrange CT scans in London or Manchester. In either case we are usually able to send you our recommended treatment plan, schedule and estimate as to your likely costs the day following receipt  f the x-rays. However, at week ends or public holidays there will be a sightly longer delay.

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