Implant Treatment Costs

Our price list for the various implant components and procedures is as follows. The main determining factor as to which is needed in any particular case will be the quality and quantity of bone at the site of the intended implant(s).

If we can see a panoramic x-ray or better still a CT Scan we can give reliable individual estimates for the cost of any dental restoration work you may need.

You are invited to compare our prices with those offered locally. We generally find we are around 50% - 60% cheaper than dentists in the UK, Ireland, Europe, The US etc. However, take care to compare like with like. Do not assume that the Zirconium crowns we offer are the same as the standard crowns offered by most dentists. You will not find better quality than those we fit.

Dental implants made by


Implants Direct  550
Semados 530
Replace 800
Branemark  800

Implant Abutments made by


Implants Direct Free
Semados Free
Replace Free
Branemark Free
*Additional implants for immediate loading 210

Sinus Lift (inc membrane and synthetic regeneration material)

Crowns for Implants


Standard Crowns

Zirconium (each)



Prettau zirconium (each) 350
Short term Temporary crowns (each) 30
Long Term Temporary crowns (Acrylic) 60
Long Term Temporary crowns - metal / ceramic (each) 70

For Navigated Implants


Template (1-10 implants) From 260
All on 4 implantation per jaw 2640
All on 4 screw retained bridge 7140
Bone Grafting  
Augmentation / GTR per site 500
Sinus Lift 700

Follow this link to request your personal estimate for an implant restoration