All on 4 - Full Jaw restoration of Missing Teeth


In the past, losing your natural teeth, meant having to have a set of removable dentures. Unfortunately dentures tend to be ill-fitting & cumbersome and, their instability makes chewing food difficult.

Dental Implants

Dental implants represent the ideal way of restoring lost or defective teeth. They are fixed and permanent offering unprecedented stability and durability. Implants must be set precisely into the patient's jawbone. They provide solid "root-like" structural support for the new crowns. Once in place, dental implants give your new teeth the look, feel and function of natural teeth!

Dental Implants make it possible to restore lost teeth, but when you have lost a lot of teeth or if you suffer from bad periodontal disease you will often find that you have also lost a lot of bone. This means there is not enough depth and/or breadth of bone to hold an implant securely.

The conventional remedy for this would be to graft bone into the jaw and thereby restore its viability. Unfortunately however, extensive bone grafting takes time and can mean the overall implantation process will take 12 - 18 months. The all on 4 technique eliminates this delay.

All on 4

This system is a sensible choice in these circumstances. It gives you the functionality and bite quality of natural teeth. It is far superior to conventional dentures and you will not have to avoid certain types of due to the shortcomings of a set of dentures.

This technique uses dental implants to give the same stability and functional qualities. It is however a more straightforward approach that requires fewer incisions, and offers shortened healing times and can eliminate the need for bone grafting. 

This approach to dental restoration uses specially designed dental implants to provide anchorage for your replacement teeth. It replaces all your teeth, even those you may have lost years ago with a fixed and fully customizable dental bridge. You will be able to smile again!

All on 4 makes means it is possible to replace all your teeth in one straightforward procedure. You will not to wait months before you get your new teeth nor will you have to undergo repeated operations.

Unlike removable dentures an all on 4 restoration will not slip off or feel wobbly on your gums. This implant anchored retained solution of means you will be able to eat the types of food you like without worrying as you chew or crunch you favourite meals. 

If you have experienced periodontal disease or severe tooth loss - even if you have been told you do not have enough bone for conventional implants you can still have the function and beauty of a permanent set of teeth.

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