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  1. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth)  
  2. 2nd Molar
  3. 1st Molar
  4. 2nd Premolar (Bicuspid)
  5. 1st Premolar (Bicuspid)
  6. Canine (eye tooth or Cuspid)
  7. Lateral incisor
  8. Central incisor
  9. Central incisor
  10. Lateral incisor
  11. Canine (eye tooth or Cuspid)
  12. 1st Premolar (Bicuspid)
  13. 2nd Premolar (Bicuspid)
  14. 1st Molar
  15. 2nd Molar
  16. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth)
  17. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth)
  18. 2nd Molar
  19. 1st Molar
  20. 2nd Premolar (Bicuspid)
  21. 1st Premolar (Bicuspid)
  22. Canine (eye tooth or Cuspid)
  23. Lateral incisor
  24. Central incisor
  25. Lateral incisor
  26. Canine (eye tooth or Cuspid)
  27. 1st Premolar (Bicuspid)
  28. 2nd Premolar (Bicuspid)
  29. 1st Molar
  30. 2nd Molar
  31. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth)
  32. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth

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