Dental Implants - Personal Estimate Requests

For a detailed estimate & information matching your personal issues

We are happy to provide an estimate for you to have Dental Implants at our clinic in Hngary on the basis of your initial email enquiry. Our quotation will include the cost of the dental implants and the crowns that fit onto them. In order to fit dental implants however there must be a reasonable quantity and quality of bone remaining in your jaw. We can compensate for missing bone but we cannot guess the cost of doing so without x-ray information.

You may have already consulted a local dentist about having dental implants. If x-rays were made and you can send us copies then that will enable us to ensure we give you a full estimate for your dental implants.

If you have no x-rays we will estimate for the dental implants and crowns subject to final confirmation of the exact costs once you arrive at our clinic.

For UK patients we can arrange a CT scan for you before you leave the UK. These are carried out on our behalf at independent imaging centres in either: Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, London, Manchester or Nottingham. You will have to pay for the scan (100GBP).

If you would like to arrange a UK CT scan please follow this link 

Email Enquiry Form

Please answer all the questions and click 'Send Message'. Professor Szabo will usually reply the next working day.Please use the Numbered Dental Chart to Identify the teeth you refer toYour Personal Information

We maintain strict confidentiality of any and all the information you disclose to us. We do not share your details with any other organisation nor do we send spam emails.

  1. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth)  
  2. 2nd Molar
  3. 1st Molar
  4. 2nd Premolar (Bicuspid)
  5. 1st Premolar (Bicuspid)
  6. Canine (eye tooth or Cuspid)
  7. Lateral incisor
  8. Central incisor
  9. Central incisor
  10. Lateral incisor
  11. Canine (eye tooth or Cuspid)
  12. 1st Premolar (Bicuspid)
  13. 2nd Premolar (Bicuspid)
  14. 1st Molar
  15. 2nd Molar
  16. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth)
  17. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth)
  18. 2nd Molar
  19. 1st Molar
  20. 2nd Premolar (Bicuspid)
  21. 1st Premolar (Bicuspid)
  22. Canine (eye tooth or Cuspid)
  23. Lateral incisor
  24. Central incisor
  25. Lateral incisor
  26. Canine (eye tooth or Cuspid)
  27. 1st Premolar (Bicuspid)
  28. 2nd Premolar (Bicuspid)
  29. 1st Molar
  30. 2nd Molar
  31. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth)
  32. 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth

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