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  • Relaxed Setting

  • Professor of Dentistry

  • 35 Years Experience

  • Specialist in Complex Cases


Professor Janos Szabo has a small private Dentist clinic in Hungary's South Western, 'Balaton' region. The town of HÚvÝz - some two hours by road from bustling Budapest, is a tranquil holiday spot in which to stay for stress-free dentistry.


The Professor has been an eminent European dentist for over 30 years and has an international reputation for his dentistry skill and gentleness. The work he takes on is often the most challenging cases that have beaten other dentists.


Harley Street Standards at below Main Street Prices

Professor Szabo, former head of the Pecs dental school and past President of the Hungarian Dental Association insists on only performing work of the highest quality and using only the very best materials.


However the Professor's dentistry prices are extremely competitive with other Hungarian Dental clinics and often as much as 60% less than in Australia, Canada, across Europe, the USA , UK and Ireland.


Dental Implants at 480 GB pounds

The Professor's patients travel to HÚvÝz from across the globe and so the cases he deals with are complex rather than routine. He places many more dental implants than the average dentist which means he is able to buy high quality dental implants in bulk and is able to pass-on substantial discounts to his patients.


Zirconium Crowns at 290 GB Pounds

The benefits of having Zirconium rather than metal-ceramic crowns are considerable and the Professor encourages all patients to opt for these. Again, he is able to pass-on a bulk purchase discounts to his patients.


Estimate before you travel

For most normal dental work you will simply visit your local dentist who will examine you and then recommend a treatment plan. However, you will probably prefer to obtain an estimate before you fly to Hungary. The Professor will do his best to help you with this.


If you prefer just a rough guide you can complete the enquiry form you will find by clicking this link.


For a more detailed estimate however simply send Professor Szabo an email at You can attach copies of any x-rays you may have and it usually helps if you can also attach photos of your teeth. The more information you can provide the better.


For UK residents who need major work, but don't have x-rays we can arrange a CT scan at independent imaging centres in either London or Manchester (Cost 99 GB pounds). You can request an appointment by clicking here.


Once the Professor has sufficient information he will send you an estimate so you know what treatment he recommends, how much it will cost and how long it will take. He will of course be very happy to discuss any concerns or worries you may have.


Arranging your Treatment

Once you are happy that all your concerns have been addressed you can request an appointment. When that is agreed all you need do is book your flights. You can fly to Budapest, Graz, Vienna or Zagreb. When you have made your bookings send us the details and we will:

  • Reserve accommodation for you in a nearby hotel - we have a discount arrangement
  • Schedule a driver to meet you at the airport. He will drive you to your accommodation and will of course take you back to the airport in time for your flight home. These transfers are free of charge.

If you need major dental work, if you are nervous about visiting the dentist, if you want the very highest standard of dental work and materials at sensible prices contact us now.






Prof Dr Janos Szabo, 8380 HÚvÝz, Egregyi u. 13.


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