Cosmetic Dental Clinic - Relaxing Spa Holiday

Low costs in Hungary mean cosmetic dentistry is now affordable for everyone. We can even restore missing teeth! Cheap air fares and Hotel tariffs make visiting a dentist in Hungary a rewarding break.
You can now afford to have your teeth fixed. You can have the work done by one of Europe's most highly qualified and experienced dentists.

Professor Janos Szabo is an internationally eminent Hungarian dentist. He is the former head of the School of Dentistry at Pécs University. He is a past president of the Hungarian Dental Association. He has forty years experience as a practising dentist. He is famous for his gentleness, skill and understanding. He has transformed the lives of countless patients. He specialises in challenging and complex conditions.

The Professor's dentist practice is in the spa town of Hévíz. Patients come from across the word for a quite different standard of attention, patience and gentleness.

Best Quality Equipment & Materials

Professor Szabo has advanced x-ray equipment that your local dentist may not have. The 3D x-rays he makes are linked to Computer aided design and manufacturing software. This means you can see, approve and adjust your new smile even before any work is done.

He recommends the very best dentist's materials from across the world. You can be assured of a lasting remedy to your dental issues.

Low Hungarian Prices

Our prices for Dental work are significantly less than at home. You might worry that low prices mean inferior quality, implants, crowns or veneers. However the opposite is true. We recommend the very highest quality Zirconium crowns or pressed ceramic veneers. The savings you make by coming to Hungary mean you can afford the best.

Hungary is a country where the cost of living is still very cheap. You can afford the best care and materials at prices that will amaze you

Rock Bottom Prices

We understand however that price is often a barrier to having the dental work done at all. If that is the case we can still provide the same crowns or veneers you will find at home at prices among the lowest on the web. Veneers cost from 230 GBP each while ordinary metal/ceramic crowns can be fitted for as little as 160 GBP each. A visit to the dentist in Hungary can save up to around 60% on what you will pay at home.

Relaxed Spa Location

Our Dentist's practice is in the Spa town of Hévíz. We are in the Lake Balaton region of Hungary. This is where Hungarians come to holiday. We have a famous thermal lake. Its waters are recommended as a treatment for mobility problems. Visitors come from across Europe and beyond. As a tourist town we have an abundance of hotels and Cafés.

The cost of eating out is very reasonable and the local wines are popular with our patients.

A trip to the dentist's has never been so enjoyable.

Worried about having Dental Treatment abroad - Don't be

The standard of training for Hungarian dentists is internationally renowned. So much so that an increasing number of English and German students come to Hungary for their training. One reason for this may be that their Professors are all required to be practising dentists so the training they receive is highly practical and not just academic.

The quality of dental training is well regarded internationally and large numbers of Hungarian dentists have been recruited to work for National Health services in Austria, Germany, The UK, The Netherlands, Switzerland and internationally. 

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Dental Implants

Professor Szabo set his first Dental Implant in 1978. As a dentist he has specialised in Implantology over the past 40 years.

We use the most advanced techniques including "Navigated Implants" and "all on 4" anchored dentures. Even if your regular dentist has said you have insufficient bone for dental implants it is likely we can help. We are skilled at dental bone regeneration and the sinus lift procedure. Gum grafting is also available. 

Professor Szabo has researched implant brands internationally. We use only the very highest quality and most affordable implants.

Dental implants are a long term solution for tooth loss, but they must be fitted by a skilled specialist. When implants do fail, all too often it is because they have been fitted by an ordinary dentist who only undertakes the prodedure from time to time.

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Porcelain and Pressed Ceramic Veneers

Dental Veneers can help fix a range of dental issues. With veneers a "Hollywood Smile" is within the reach of most people.

Dental Veneers are an effective way to both whiten and straighten your teeth. They are long-lasting and effective.

Very cheap veneers are widely available. At 230 GBP each we can beat the prices charged by most dentists. However we recommend a brand of Pressed Ceramic Veneers - Emax. Pressed Ceramic is far harder and more durable than ordinary porcelain veneers. They cost only 240 GBP each.

Emax veneers are ultra-thin, meaning virtually no preparation of the natural tooth needed.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

As an internationally eminent cosmetic dentist Professor Szabo can help with all dental issues. These may include: : Bruxism; Chipped & Broken Teeth; Crowded Teeth; Yellow & Discoloured Teeth; Gap Teeth; Missing Teeth or Worn Teeth.

Using the latest dental software the Professor is able to model your new smile on a screen for you to see. You can specify exactly what you want on screen. Then then using Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing software (CAD/CAM) any new implants or crowns you need can be made exactly the way you want.

This technology is not available to the average dentist. If you need to upgrade your smile a trip to a Hungarian specialist is really worthwhile.

Cosmetic Dentistry is not something people have done simply for the sake of vanity. Many of the patients lack of self confidence because of ugly teeth. Our pleasure is to see them leave the surgery with large unaccustomed smiles.

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Your Dental Visit to Hungary

The spa town of Hévíz is some two hours by road from Budapest.  It would be impractical to suggest you have treatment here whilst staying in the capital. 

What we normally do is to arrange for a driver to meet you at the airport (Budapest, Graz or Vienna) and drive you directly to a hotel in Hévíz. At the end of your stay he will return you to the airport. We are happy to provide these transfers free of charge.

We do not provide accommodation at our dentist's clinic. We do however have a discount arrangement for our dental patients at a nearby hotel. They are used to looking after our patients. They will provide local transport if needed.

Your time at our Dental Clinic

Our normal pattern of working is to see new patients early on the first full day in Hungary. We make a CT scan of the entire mouth and a detailed physical examination. Following that we discuss treatment options, costs, timescales etc. If at that stage you are not happy to proceed you are taken back to the airport (without charge). 

Assuming you want to proceed, we normally schedule treatment to begin either immediately or the next day. We work intensively to complete any invasive work early during your visit. This is so there is enough time for initial healing to take place before you leave. Following any invasive work you are prescribed a course of antibiotics to guard against infection. We will then see you daily to check on the healing. Finally we remove any sutures.

This approach means you will not require any emergency aftercare when you leave. Throughout the last ten years of helping overseas patients there has never been a major problem. If something did occur. If you could not get back to see us. We are happy to commission a local dentist to carry out any necessary work for us.

Remote Diagnosis

We try to provide a reliable estimate before you travel to Hungary. You can always email us with copies of any x-rays made by your own dentist. We like to see photos of your teeth as well. If you are from the UK and we need more detailed x-ray pictures we can arrange a CT scan for you. CT Scan


Arrange CT Scan in the UK